Welcome to BlueSilk Ragdoll Cattery. Ragdoll cats have become increasingly popular in recent years.  It’s no wonder why.  The ragdoll breed is one of the largest domesticated cat available as a pet.  They make wonderful companions for the elderly and young children.  They are docile in temperament and are a quiet cat.  Their coat is medium long and non-matting.  It has a rabbit silky like feel and the ragdoll sheds very little in comparison to other breeds. 


Ragdolls are a non aggressive cat and must be kept only as indoor companions.  Their aggressive defensive attributes have been purposely bred out of them to obtain the ‘lush’ and people orientated temperament.  They would most likely be unable to properly defend them selves in a fight, and I stress, MUST be kept indoors.


Ragdoll Cats are often described as having a dog personality.  They tend to follow their people about the house from room to room.  They are often taught to walk on leashes, and to fetch balls.  Ragdolls tend to go limp when held, hence the name, and often will submit to a belly rub just as a puppy.

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