Our Family


Our family is a small one.  Just myself, my daughter and our pride or Ragdolls.  I have always loved cats.  Now my daughter is learning to love them too.


I am 29 and a criminal justice senior at Park University .  I am also a war widow.  My husband Ssgt. Aaron White was killed in Iraq May19,  2003 .  Raising ragdolls is in intensive hobby and helps keep my mind focused on something positive, and something I enjoy.


Brianna is fast approaching the toddler years.  She is very gentle with our cats yet gives them much needed running exercise!  'Her' cat Sasha sleeps underneath the toddler bed when Brie takes a nap or goes down for the night.  A donation to her college fund can be made through the following:






Benefit Fund for Aaron White

Bison Federal Credit Union

2 West MacArthur

Shawnee, Ok  74804













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