About BlueSilk




BlueSilk is not a large fancy breeding facility.

BlueSilk is a small home cattery where all the cats have free run of the house.  So far we have 5 cats and a two year old.  Even our Male, Buddy, has free range.  So far he does not spray, and will occasionally sport stud pants when our females go into heat.  Large cages are only used during queening (birthing) and nursing of the very young.  

Our goal here is to improve the ragdoll breed. One of our missions is to continue to produce very large luscious and lazy lap cats. Some of our cats (Rose) come from original Ann Baker lines. In our Blue point ragdolls, which are dilutes, we strive to produce the more intense blue eye color in our kittens.  We do not outcross to any other cat breed to obtain size, color, or temperament.


Our pride of domestic felines have their own bedroom in the house.  It is the epicenter of BlueSilk!  On a nightly basis all the cats, except Sasha, retreat to the bedroom to eat and sleep in their cat tree near a large window.  Having a spare indoor room for them is wonderful.  None of our cats are ever banished to cages left outside like some puppy mills, or overcrowded in wire bottom cages like some catteries.  Every cat here is part of the family.

Sasha is reigning Queen of this family.  At only 16 months old  her nickname is "Grandma".  She gets plenty of exercise being chased by the youngsters.  My vet told me she has even lost weight! We adopted Sasha from a So. Cal. breeder who retired her from their breeding program.  She is our family pet and holds a special place in our hearts, and underneath Brianna's crib.

Buddy is BlueSilks' only male.  Not all males spray.  Having only one since he's not caged eliminates the territorial tendency for males to spray.  I'm Keeping my fingers crossed that it continues to stay this way.  Buddy has four girl friends to tend too.  What an awful existence!  Although Sasha is spayed she tends to be his favorite.