Ragdoll Breed



If you have found this website you have certainly browsed through dozens of ragdoll sites.  Nearly every site has the history of the ragdoll breed.  If you have found this site you probably know about this breed anyway! I will spare a long lecture.

Ragdolls make excellent indoor pets.  Especially for a small apartment.  They are not a high energy cat like the Siamese.  Ragdolls tend to like living on or near the floor instead of climbing over everything in the house.  Cat trees excluded however! My ragdolls are content to sleep and play on the floor only occasionally jumping onto the couch or my bed to cuddle.

Ragdolls are a large breed of cat.  Neutered males can reach 20 pounds.  Spayed females can reach 15 pounds.  Our Sasha is 12.5 pounds at a year and a half old. Ragdolls are also a slow growing breed reaching physical maturity around two years old.  So, Sasha isn't finished growing yet! 

All ragdolls are pointed cats, meaning their tails, feet, and head are darker, or has more color than the body.  Along with slow maturation, a ragdolls' coat slowly progresses from the white youthful body into the darker permanent hair color once they have stopped growing. Ragdolls do not contain the undercoat most other cats have.  This eliminates the matting of their longer hair and helps reduce shedding.