BlueSilk Queens


Sasha is our "Grandma" Sasha.  She is a retired breeder and not in our cattery program although she is the high Queen to all others and tends to keep everyone in line.  She certainly fills the grandmother roll by cleaning and playing with the babies, then letting them go back to momma.



Rose has been a wonderful mommy.  Rose is a blue point mitted.  She has the deeper blue eyes BlueSilk is striving for in a dilute blue ragdoll. It's tough to even get a picture with her eyes open so I got lucky!!  She's really not so angry!


Lilly is our show quality blue point mitted.  She just had her first litter with Buddy.  She has the long fluffy desirable tail and deeper blue eyes for a diluted color.  I had to retouch the 'red eye' in her two above photos and the glare doesn't  allow her color to show through.

Trinket is our show quality seal point mitted lynx.  She is from old IRCA lines.  She will begin showing soon.    She is now 2 years old. We are planning for her first breeding in August. (The first photo's eye color has not been retouched)