Purchase Contract




BlueSilk Ragdoll Cattery

Michele Linn

133B Tierra Blanca

Oceanside , Ca  92054






                                                                                                             initial   below

1)     No de-clawing is allowed for any BlueSilk cat sold.                                 ________

2)     All BlueSilk cats are to remain as indoor pets ONLY.                              ________

3)    This contract includes a spay/neuter agreement.

        (All registration papers will be withheld until proof of

        Altering is provided)                                                                             ________

4)     If at any time the the purchaser decides to sell cat/kitten

        seller will be given first opportunity to buy back the cat

        at BlueSilk's adoption price of $250.                                                    ________

            a)  Shipping is the sole responsibility of purchaser.                             ________

5)     There are no guarantees on show achievement or 

        reproductive capabilities.                                                                      ________





Health Guarantee


6)     BlueSilk ragdolls are guaranteed for the first

         48 hours after purchase against all parasites.                                   _________  

7)     BlueSilk offers a one year replacement guarantee for

    congenital or lethal genetic defects. If a cat/kitten dies or

    has to be destroyed due to a genetic or congenital defect        

    before age one, seller will replace the cat/kitten with the 

    next available upon being provided a veterinary autopsy report.

       a)  replacement cat/kitten will be of like kind and quality as 

           the one purchased.

       b)  there will be no cash refunds.

     c)  BlueSilk is not responsible for any additional shipping costs.    _________

8)     Purchaser must have the cat examined  by a vet for a health check

        within the first 48 hours.  If a health problem is found, the purchaser

        has 48 hours from that initial exam to ask the seller for a cat/kitten 

        replacement.  This request must accompany a letter from the vet

        stating why the cat/kitten's health is in question.  If purchaser fails

        to comply with any aspect of this agreement, purchaser forfeits any 

        rights he/she may otherwise have.

            a) seller is not responsible for any veterinarian expenses incurred

                after pick up/shipment.   

            b) there will be no cash refunds.

            c) BlueSilk is not responsible for any additional shipping costs.    _________

9)     All vaccinations and deworming will be current upon pickup/

        shipment date.   BlueSilk will provide a record of all vaccines.              _________

10)    Seller guarantees cats/kittens to be FIP and FeLV negative for the 

         first 48 hours after a BlueSilk cat/kitten has reached it's new

         home.  To keep this guarantee valid the purchaser is required to

         to have a FIP and FeLV test during the initial 48 hour exam.  

            a)  seller has no way of knowing if cats already in a home

                 have been exposed to FIP and/or FeLV.  Having this

                 short 48 hour guarantee protects both parties.

            b)  should a cat/kitten test positive during the initially

                 required veterinarian exam proof must be submitted by a

                 certified vet and BlueSilk will replace the cat/kitten with

                 the next available of like kind and quality.

            c)  there will be no cash refunds.

            d)  BlueSilk is not responsible for any additional shipping cost  __________





spay/neuter & breeding


11)     Purchaser will provide BlueSilk with proof of altering in the 

         form of certificate from a certified veterinarian that includes 

         a description of of the cat involved.  When we receive proof 

         of spay/neuter the seller will provide registration papers from 

         TICA and/or CFA.

             a)  unless your vet has an early spay/neuter program, altering

                   is required around 5 to 6 months old.                                       _________

12)      If no proof of altering is received by BlueSilk by the 5-6

          month time frame, it will be assumed that the cat is being 

          used for breeding and the purchaser will owe an additional 

          breeding rights fee of ______.                                                      __________

13)     Purchaser WILL NOT breed females more than twice a year.           __________

14)     Males are most happy with 3 or 4 breeding partners.

          It is understood that the male cat is general not available 

          for use as an open stud.  It is safer for all cats involved if

          the cattery is a closed one.                                                            __________




Buyers Information



Phone # (____) ______________________________

Address_____________________________________   Email___________________________

City_______________________   State___________  Zip Code_____________


BlueSilk Ragdoll Cat

Sex_______  Color______________  Coat Pattern______________  DOB_________________

Purchase price $_____________   Sire____________________  Queen__________________

Initial deposit  $ _____________   

Purchased as:    {  } pet                         Must be altered to receive papers

                           {  } Show                      Must be altered to receive papers

                           {  } Show/breeder        BlueSilk will provide registration papers

                           {  } Breeder                 BlueSilk will provide registration papers



I agree to the terms of this contract for the health and safety of my cat:

Purchaser______________________________  Date_____________

BlueSilk Cattery_________________________   Date_____________